Types of sentences and punctuation: strategies for pupils

Types of sentences and punctuation: strategies for pupils

Punctuation abilities are intellectual actions expressed in determining the destination of a indication as well as its choice, when composing a text, for the intended purpose of its structural and division that is semantic.

Punctuation abilities consist of:

  • - the capability to get communicative devices and denote their boundaries utilizing punctuation, offered the mark setting and emotional color of statements;
  • - the ability to locate structural and semantic sections that need allocation utilizing punctuation marks;
  • - the capacity to place punctuation marks according to the learned rules;
  • - the capacity to substantiate alternatives for establishing punctuation markings;
  • - the capacity to find a punctuation space and justify the environment and collection associated with the necessary punctuation mark;
  • - the ability to discuss the punctuation associated with proposition and text;
  • - the capability to locate, explain punctuation errors and proper them.

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